Kennels Donegal

All our guests are Kept Indoors in heated kennels at night. We supply all Bedding and Feed Bowls. Owners are to bring their dogs own food. Small dogs and puppies are kept separate, as are dogs that need special attention or have medical requirements.

Dog In KennelsPick ups and drop offs to and from Amanda’s Kennels and Cattery are Monday to Friday 8.30AM – 12.00PM and 7.00PM – 8.30PM (excluding Bank Holidays when we do not offer this service), Sundays 7.00pm – 8.00pm only.

The kennels have stress reducing, relaxing, ambient music playing. This helps to keep Pets calm in a new environment.

Dogs are walked three times a day on a peaceful, quiet country lane, and also have a large exercise area where they can mix with other Dogs. This area has plenty of activities, including:

  • Tyre Tunnels
  • Plunge Pool

We offer pick ups to and from groomers, vets and home as part of our Pet Taxi service. Medication, including injections can be administered, and we have 24 hour veterinary access.

All Dogs must be fully Vaccinated before their stay at our Kennels.